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Turning the Table


Turning the Table Is the most progressive weekly podcast for today's food and beverage industry, featuring staff-centric operating solutions for restaurants in the #newhospitalityculture. Join Jim Taylor of Benchmark Sixty and Adam Lamb as they "turn the tables" on the prevailing operating assumptions of running a restaurant in favor of innovative solutions to our industry's most persistent challenges. Sponsored by Benchmark Sixty Restaurant Services

About the Hosts

Jim TaylorProfile Photo

Jim Taylor


After over 20 years in hospitality management, Jim realized there is a gap in developing management understanding and business optimization strategy. Now more than ever, the industry needs these systems to dig its way out of the hole it finds itself in.

Jim created a system that works by working side by side with executives, analysts, and on-premise management. Every time.

Now he works with restaurateurs, owners, and management to educate them from the top down on how to optimize productivity in their businesses and make results more predictable and results easier to understand.

Along the way, improving employee experience, management experience, and customer experience.

Adam LambProfile Photo

Adam Lamb


Chef Adam is a highly regarded consultant for the hospitality industry on change management, improving organizational culture and internal community building. He speaks on the topics of mental health awareness and addiction in the industry, rites of passage, initiation and other’s men’s topics.